Paul Spadafora is an “import” as well, arriving in Sharpsburg at the age of twelve. During his early days in this country, Spadafora had the after school assignment of making the family dinners for his parents and older sisters who were in the workforce.  Years later the family would open the first Spadafora’s Restaurant on Main Street in Sharpsburg which was later sold and became Salpietro’s after Paul’s sisters returned to Italy.  While Paul went on to become a Spanish teacher in the Shaler Area School District, he never lost the desire to return to cooking. He found many opportunities to cook over the years for teachers and students as well as to cater events for friends and family. His retirement after 35 years of teaching allowed him to follow his passion full time.

(Source The Hampton News)

Spadafora’s Bar & Restaurant, on Route 8, just north of Duncan Avenue, is now serving some of the Spadafora family recipes imported from Consenza in Calabria. This southern region of Italy is known for its seafood as well as pasta and sauces. Paul Spadafora is an “import” as well, arriving in Sharpsburg at the age of twelve. During his early days in this country, Spadafora had the after school assignment of making the family dinners for his parents and older sisters who were in the workforce. Years later the family would open the first Spadafora’s Restaurant on Main Street in Sharpsburg which was later sold and became Salpietro’s after Paul’s sisters returned to Italy. While Paul went on to become a Spanish teacher in the Shaler Area School District, he never lost the desire to return to cooking. He found many opportunities to cook over the years for teachers and students as well as to cater events for friends and family. His retirement after 35 years of teaching allowed him to follow his passion full time. Hampton’s newest restaurant is the only non-smoking bar/restaurant on Route 8. The building’s renovation was planned and designed by Paul’s stepson, architect Jeff Wetzel. The intimate minimalist Italian décor is accented by warm faux painted walls throughout. The main architectural feature is the custom bar. Painting the exterior an eye-catching salmon shade was Paul’s choice, as it replicates a color prevalent in his region of Italy. A full bar includes local organic, sulfite-free wines from La Casa Narcisi. The Italian American menu was expanded recently, and is rounded out with daily specials. The primary signature dishes are Seafood Pasta (which contains shrimp, mussels and clams), Chicken Marsala, and Paul’s famous “Spanini” Sandwich Collection. Sandwich aficionados cannot afford to miss these! Other popular dishes include Rack of Lamb and Crab Cakes, served as a dinner, or solo as an appetizer. And the best selling appetizer is the fried zucchini. Paul’s favorite compliment to date has been from a couple who live in the United Arab Emirates. Kevin and Sara Moore announced “the Seafood Pasta is the best between Pittsburgh and Dubai!” And perhaps the biggest surprise has been that the place is developing a reputation for the fish sandwiches and hand-formed hamburgers. The staff puts extra effort into producing the sauces, soups, mashed potatoes and entrees on site. Quite a number of customers have been former students who were looking forward to having some of the same cooking they sampled long ago. Many diners have come as much to see the changes that have been made in the building, as to try the food. Paul is pleased to welcome everyone. When he’s not shopping for produce (at the local farms when the season permits) or in the kitchen preparing food, Paul’s takes joy in watching the faces of people enjoying the food he cares about so much. Spadafora’s accepts MasterCard and Visa and is open six days a week. For a list of daily specials, call 412-486-1800. (Source The Hampton News)